Cloud Services

Cloud Services

With cloud IT solutions for all your business needs, you can increase productivity, cut costs, and strengthen security. We utilize cloud IT services that are currently being practices by more than 75% of Fortune 500 businesses and top universities. With Your IT Company, you get the world’s best IT services for email, calendar, notes, contacts, add more with Office365 or Google Apps.


Here are a few ways our progressive technology can help

Business-Grade Email 

Your company’s most effective contact method is email. Safeguards for protecting your employees’ effectiveness, managing mailboxes effectively, and encrypting messages containing sensitive, confidential, and trade secret information are all part of smart email management.

Data Accessible from Anywhere

You can access company data from anywhere, on any mobile device, thanks to the cloud’s ability. This form of mobile, cloud-based data sharing can be set up and managed Your IT Company. Mobile phones, laptops, and guest devices can all benefit from powerful productivity features.

Retention & Archiving

Don’t take any chances when it comes to legally binding correspondence. Take care of your company email with Progressive Tech’s innovative email retention and archiving software. For legal purposes, you have power over email retention policies, you retain a copy of all emails (even if an individual deletes them), and you lawfully own all content.

Access from Mobile Devices

With Your IT Company mobile access and sync software, you can make the most of your mobile devices, including those owned by your employees. From anywhere, you can access cloud-based email, calendar, contacts, documents, and even applications.

Setup and Migration of IT Services

Are you ready to make the switch to a world-class email IT service? Our IT experts will meet with you to discuss your needs, create a customized IT services strategy for the future, transfer all your existing data, and facilitate each user with accessibility, installation, and training.

Consultation on Cloud Servers

Consult with a cloud IT specialist to decide which IT systems are best for your business. Compare the advantages of common IT services and learn how they vary. In layman’s Terms, we will clarify all of the characteristics, benefits, advantages, and disadvantages.

Clear Costs of the Cloud

We will assist you in comparing the costs of cloud IT services to in-house databases. To compare the true price of cloud services to hardware maintenance and upkeep, we use a multi-year model.